This website is dedicated to the students of the International School of San Salvador. Here, you can find copies of course materials such as syllabi, calendars, assignment guides, and reviews for exams as well as an array of links to scholarly articles, music, videos, artwork, and websites. You can also browse selected student work. Click on the COURSE TAGS ABOVE to find the latest posts for your class (displayed BELOW) or browse the RIGHT HAND TOOLBAR which contains links to student resources, school info, and everything else. Go Falcons!

Meet the Teacher

Hello & Welcome :)

Thanks for visiting the CISS Scholar page. For students and parents, I hope you find the site to be of use. I do welcome your questions and suggestions. . . you can send them to me at vicklauren@gmail.com.

I am grateful for the opportunity to teach, and moreso, to learn at CISS. I look forward to the 2010-2011 academic year. Go Falcons!


victoria cavanaugh


Aside from teaching literature, history, math, and economics at CISS and working on my masters in international education & development, I enjoy spending time and living with the students(pictured above) of Nuestro Ahora, Inc, a non-profit the I founded after spending most of my junior year of university living in an orphanage in Zaragoza, El Salvador. To learn more about or to support the program dedicated to helping Salvadoran youth who have grown up in orphanages & shelters finish high school & attend university while building life skills and living in community, please visit our website by clicking here. The program emphasizes academic excellence, service work, community, and faith and provides support to 7 university students, 9 high school seniors, and networks with some 20 orphanages throughout western and central El Salvador where nearly 1,000 children reside. Nuestro Ahora, Inc. is legally recognized by the US govenment as a 501(c)3 public charity and by the Salvadoran government as an international NGO. All donations go directly to the scholarship students and are fully tax-deductible in the US and El Salvador to the extent allowed by law.