This website is dedicated to the students of the International School of San Salvador. Here, you can find copies of course materials such as syllabi, calendars, assignment guides, and reviews for exams as well as an array of links to scholarly articles, music, videos, artwork, and websites. You can also browse selected student work. Click on the COURSE TAGS ABOVE to find the latest posts for your class (displayed BELOW) or browse the RIGHT HAND TOOLBAR which contains links to student resources, school info, and everything else. Go Falcons!

Colegio Internacional de San Salvador

The International School of San Salvador(CISS) is a small private college prepatory school offering a Kinder-12th grade program that models the US educational system and fulfills the expectations of the Salvadoran Ministry of Education. Located in San Benito in the suburbs of San Salvador, the school hosts some 330 students from more than 30 countries around the world providing a rich and diverse enviornment for learning. The mission of CISS is "to develop compassionate, inquisitive, and ethical learners prepared for roles of leadership in the global community."
CISS is a member of the following organizations:
AASCA - Association of American Schools in Central America.
ISA - International Schools Association; Geneva, Switzerland.
ISSE - International School to School Experience; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
NASSP - National Association of Secondary School Principals.
NASC - National Association of Student Councils.