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The Health Care Debate & UN Millenium Development Goals #4,5,&6

What does it mean to support universal health care? Should health care be on sale? What ought to be the role of private health care and private insurance companies? How is the price of life saving drugs for fighting AIDS and cancer determined? How much should cough medicine cost? What happens to those who can't afford it? Who should provide what? What ought be role of the government, the doctors, the taxpayers, the healthy, and the sick in achieving the UN's MDG's #4, 5, & 6? Do you agree with the goals and the target/strategies?

To facilitate our discussion regarding the questions above among others, working individually or in pairs, investigate a nation of your choice.  Download a copy of the assignment guide (below) here

 Here are some websites to help you in your research. Please be sure to use (and cite!) a variety of the following sites to give your investigation depth and credibility. . .

* Your Chosen Country's Official Government/Ministry/Department of Health website
*World Health Organization (See country profiles.)
*CEPALSTAT from the UN (This is for Latin America.  You can find the equivalent for other regions).
*Gapminder World (Be sure to check the data portion of the website as well as the interactive graphs.)
*Google Trends
*Ted Talks
*End Poverty (UN MDG's)
*World Bank Health Data
*MDG Monitor

Here are the two rubrics that will be used in grading:
-PPT Rubric
-Presentation Rubric