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Issues at Heart: Invisible Children and King Flyp

In 2003, 3 teenage friends from California heard quick and scattered references to the crisis in the Sudan made occasionally by those in mainstream media. Unsatisfied by the ambiguous reports, the friends bought a camera off eBay and purchased one way plane tickets to Africa to investigate for themselves Africa's longest running war. They returned to the States to share their story and the story of the child soldiers of Uganda. Invisible Children is the name for not just the documentary but also the movement Larry, Jason, and Bobby began which has since swept high school and college campuses and attracted countless youth to come out and rally for change and peace in the Sudan. Check out a quick 3 minute trailer and see how you can get involved now by clicking here.

While Larry, Jason, and Bobby turned their video footage into a documentary, another teen with a vision was made a celebrity overnight when his friends uploaded their video footage to YouTube. Marvin Ulises Martínez León, of San Francisco Gotera, Morazán, better known now as "El King Flyp" used video as the medium to transfer his message to countless more youth, gaining some 170,000 hits on YouTube. Using his new found fame, Martínez León is making an effort to draw more peoples' attention and garner a wider audience of support for those in need locally in El Salvador. Watch an intro to King Flyp: El Reality with commentary from diverse, key Salvadoran voices here.

We'll look at both Invisible Children and King Flip: El Reality at the onset of the course as real-life examples of ways youth today are getting others to pay attention to some of the Contemporary Issues of our times. Your initial assignment will be to write a short essay explaining the issue you today which care most about. . .and what can be done in response.