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Inventions that Improve(d) Our World

As we study Chapter 20 and the Industrial Revolution, we may ask, if, in the end, the ultimate effects and changes brought by the era were more positive or negative in nature.  Does change mean progress?  What is the difference between growth and development?  How were different peoples effected?  And, today, how does industrialization mark our world?

First, check out a collection of articles, 4 photo galleries, and 21 short video clips from The History Channel, here.

Then pick a recent invention (or re-invention, such as the case of William Kamkwamba's inspirational windmill which brought electricity, reggae music, and hope to his Malawi village, story here).

You may find it helpful to get said ideas from TED Talks.  You can watch 700 of them here.  Here's Kamkwamba's second talk at Oxford in July 2009:

Write an essay making the case for one new (or old) idea/invention that you consider to be among the most significant ideas/inventions in history.  Your idea/invention may have positively or negatively impacted history (or both!).  In your essay, explain your choice and its impact.  Please be sure to use the writing rubric and attach a copy of it to your typed essay due in Friday's first period class.  Be persuasive, thoughtful, and original. :D