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US History Semester Review, Grade 11, CISS, 2010-2011

US History First Semester Term/Topic List, 2010-2011 

US History First Semester Multiple Choice Questions  (Add your questions here!)

link to US History First Semester Class Review PowerPoint (also appears below)

Essay Topics for Semester I Exam, 2010-2011  (based on College Board)

I. Analyze the political, diplomatic, and military reasons for the United States victory in
the Revolutionary War. Confine your answer to the period 1775–1783.

II. Analyze the ways in which British imperial policies between 1763 and 1776
intensified colonials’ resistance to British rule and their commitment to republican

III. Early encounters between American Indians and European colonists led to a variety of
relationships among the different cultures.
Analyze how the actions taken by BOTH American Indians and European colonists
shaped those relationships in TWO of the following regions. Confine your answer to
the 1600s.
New England
Spanish Southwest
New York and New France

IV. Analyze the impact of the market revolution (1815–1860) on the economies of TWO
of the following regions.
The Northeast
The Midwest
The South

V. Settlers in 18th century America sometimes resorted to violent protest to express their greivances.  Analyze the causes and significance of the following.
Shay's Rebellion
Whiskey Rebellion

VI. Evaluate the extent to which the Articles of Confederation were effective in solving the problems confronted by the new nation.

VII. In what ways did development in transportation bring about social and economic change in the period 1820 to 1860?