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US Literature Writing Portfolio: Transcendentalism

For your first writing portfolio piece this semester, begin by taking a virtual

Walking Tour of Walden Pond.

                   Then, as the creator does, choose passages from any of the 7 transcendentalist pieces we've covered in class.  Match 3 of your chosen passages (a few lines each) to images and include a few sentences explaining your choice of each image and passage (reflection). As the transcendentalists did, your goal is to look to nature to find inspiration/meaning.  In your reflections, explain why you chose passages and images you did.  What meaning do you find in nature?  More points will be given for original artwork, collages, photos taken by you, etc. than for images borrowed from the Internet.  Be sure to note the author and name of the work from which you take each passage.  Proofread your writing for readibility, spelling, and grammar.

A hard copy is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, February 2, 2011.

Grading is as follows. . .

3 Passages (correctly copied and cited with work/author )   . . .15 points
3 Images. . .30 points. . .original works
. . .40 points
3 Reflections. . .(well written, creative, original, proofread)
. . .45 points