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The Poetry of Emily Dickinson

1. Read the poem you've been assigned several times to fully understand.
2. Use page 441 in your text and the literary terms in the text's reference section to analyze the poem.  Create a chart with as much detail as possible, answering all relevant questions posed on page 331.  (Follow the example given in class.)
3. Paraphrase the poem line by line.
4. Create/find (cite source if it's not original) art to illustrate poem.  Include 2-3 sentences as a caption.  Explain  the relation between the chosen image and the poem.
5. Proofread and check your work.
6.  In consideration of the 11th grade's movie night, the deadline is extended to Monday, March 7.
Work should be typed and highly proofread and presentable.

Original copy of poem (be creative with color, font size, type). . .10 points
Analysis chart. . .50 points
Paraphrase (line by line). . . 20 points
Image  & caption (give credit if you borrow the image, more points for original work). . . 10 points
Proofread presentable. . . 10 points