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Economics Essay Option #2: Due Friday, September 9, 2011

The second essay option for this quarter is due at the start of class on Friday, September 9.  Be sure your work is original (your own!), typed, 1-2 pages double-spaced, size 12, Times New Roman font.  This ensures that readers can focus on the content of your writing (as opposed to merely its "look").  Be creative, cite sources that prove you've researched and thought-out your topic, and proofread. :)

Is piracy good or bad for El Salvador's economy?

In other words, either defend or argue against piracy in El Salvador.  Be sure your essay is written from an "economic" perspective.   Instead of arguing for or against piracy on moral grounds (though you may include such references), consider piracy's affect on the economy. . .How does piracy affect those who sell pirated goods (and may survive only on such income) and those who buy pirated goods?  How does piracy affect the government's ability to raise (or not) taxes?  How does piracy affect major corporations and small businesses?  How does the presence of piracy affect the country's future economic security?

Use the above questions as a guide to begin your essay, but don't feel the need to answer them in any particular order.  Make your essay stronger by including as much data and as many examples as possible.  Use the research you collected in last week's investigation to help you.  If you wish, you may consider piracy in another country (instead of El Salvador).