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Chapter 6 Review Guides for Test (PPT & Jeopardy): PRICE!

Click here for the Price PPT

Click here for the Jeopardy Game Review: Chapter 6 on Price

*Check out the links in the last post (Click on the "Econ tab" at the top of the page).  Practice using the interactive graphs to test your understanding. 


I'd like to ask you all a favor. . .it just takes 30 seconds of your time on Facebook (carefully read instructions at bottom of page!)

Nuestro Ahora, the nonprofit I began, is now working with some 20 orphanages throughout El Salvador where over 1,000 youth reside. A few days ago I entered the Chase Community Giving Contest on Facebook, and Saturday we were ranked 816th. This afternoon, Nuestro Ahora climbed to 108th! If we are able to make it into the top 100 charities (based on Facebook users' voting) we can win $25,000. First prize is $250,000. (Last year, an orphanage I visited in Rio Dulce, Guatemala won, and the director recommended we enter the contest this year.) As you can imagine, winning such a prize would allow us to dramatically increase our ability to help Salvadoran youth. . .and perhaps break ground on the scholarship house we've been dreaming of building.

Here are four simple steps to making a HUGE difference.

1. Click on the following link http://bit.ly/rFFd9I and log into your Facebook account.
2. Click on vote, then click on "Permit" Chase to access your profile page.
3. Click on "like" on the top left hand of the page (next to the hand).
4. Finally, click (again) on "vote" using the large green button at the center of the page. You'll know your vote is counted when you see the "Thanks for voting!" message and your picture appears below. (Be sure to "vote" and not just "like" Nuestro Ahora.)
PLEASE invite friends! and forward this message along freely. . .