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Chapter 8 Web Investigation: Employment, Labor, & Wages


Working alone or with one or two partner(s), create a series of slides to upload to the shared document below.  Each slide should contain the topic, a ONE sentence description explaining your example, and a pertinent image.  Focus on ONE geographic region or country. Please include the following:

I. An recent example (in the news, pick something we have not already discussed in class) of each of the following: picket, boycott, strike, lockout, seizure, injunction  (Slides 1-6)

II. An example of the following: company union, agency shop, modified union shop, closed shop.  Choose specific companies. (Slides 7-10)

III. Choose two example of occupations for each of the four classes of labor. (Slides 11-14)

IV.  Choose 2 items to compare using real v. constant dollars.  Compare "now" and "then," prices for each of the 2 items using the present and comparing it to wages from an earlier time (your grandparents' or parents' generation, for example).  (Slides 15-16)

IV.  Choose 2 professions in which you are interested.  Find the average salary for someone working in that profession today.  Then, research the following: How much would one's salary change in that profession between Central America and Europe, Asia, or the US?  Hoe much has one's salary in that profession increased over the last 50 years?  25 years? 5 years?  Finally, which of the theories for determining wage applies to that profession?  Explain why.  (Slides 17-18).

*You will have Friday, December 2 and Tuesday, December 6 to work on this during class.  Work is due BEFORE the start of the class on Wednesday, December 7.