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Creating Currency

Your Task:  Working individually or with partners (3 people per group - max), design a new and improved form of currency.   Consider all the characteristics of money discussed in the "Modern Marvels" clips as well as in Chapter 14 of your text.  On Tuesday, February 14, you'll need to turn in the following:

I. A physical example of your currency in at least two denominations (drawn or computer designed).  Include a brief description of special traits included in your currency.  Determine if you will include coins, bills, plastic, etc.  Explain the denominations that you recommend placing in circulation.
II. A brief explanation for each of your currency's characteristics (including but not limited to the 6 characteristics listed in your text).
III.  An explanation as to whether your currency will be used as a national, regional, or international currency and the reasons behind your decision.
IV. An explanation of any historical/cultural components included in your currency.  If you include no components, explain that decision as well.
V.  An explanation as to who will control the money production and supply.
VI. An explanation of a tentative plan for replacing the current currency with your new currency.

Work should be emailed no later than 12pm (noon) local time (San Salvador) on Tuesday, February 14.  Send work in PPT or PDF format.