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Grade 8 Literature Semester Exam Review Guide

Part I: Literary Terms
alliteration, allusion, antagonist, assonance, author's purpose, ballad, characters (round, flat, stereotype, dynamic, static, foil), characterization (indirect v. direct),  conflict (internal, external, nature, society, God/religion), consonance, dialect v. dialogue, metaphor (extended), figurative language, flashback, foreshadowing, free verse, genre, haiku, imagery, irony, limerick, metaphor, meter, onomatopoeia, parallelism, personification, plot line (exposition, narrative hook, conflict types, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, theme), point of view (first, second, third-person, limited v. omniscient, personification, protagonist, refrain, repetition, resolution, rhyme (end v. internal, scheme), rhythm, science fiction, sensory imagery, setting, simile, speaker, stanza, style, suspense, symbol

Part II: Literary Analysis
-You will be given one short story and one poem.  You will need to comprehend and analyze each.  Format will be multiple choice, short answer, and one essay possible essay question.  You should be able to apply all  of the applicable literary terms (above) in your analysis of both the poem and short story.

Happy Studying!! :)

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