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Wednesday, October 23, 2013: Kiva & Gapminder

Hello Senior Scholars :)

Today, there are two opportunities for you.

First, visit Kiva.org.  Familiarize yourself with Kiva by carefully reading the over the wealth of information on the website. Then choose one of the projects (people or groups) to invest your share ($25) of the class's collective profits.  You will be responsible for monitoring your investment over the course of the year, so be sure to jot down all relevant data so you can easily track your loan for future assignments.

Next, experiment using Gapminder by clicking here.  Create any two graphs using Hans Rosling's innovative software.  Then include a writeup for each graph you make, explaining what you used for the "X" and "Y" axis and why, what you expected to occur, and what surprises you discovered watching your graphs "grow."  Use the screenshot tool to take pictures of your graphs.  Save your work in Word, in PPT, or as a PDF.  Save your work to the "Economics Class Folder" using Dropbox.  Save your work by naming your file "Full Name, Gapminder Graph Writeup, October 23, 2013." (A Caveat: You must save your file with the correct name in Word, PPT, or PDF.  Do NOT attempt to rename your file by changing the link name in Dropbox or your information will not necessarily save correctly.")  You may work in partners (defined as two people) if you so wish, though as always, you will be entirely responsible for submitted work. This activity will be graded.  Please submit scholarly, proofread work.