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Chapters 3 & 4: Review Material for 13 Colonies Test

Due to the recommendation of CISS administration, the exam has been postponed and will be given next Wednesday, October 6 during the first history period.  Below you can find the complete review game from Wednesday's class as well as a link to the History Channel's resources on the 13 colonies which include a wealth of short video clips, art, and concise articles on colonial society, economy, and politics.

In consideration of the confusion caused by the recent rains, I will also extend the second essay due date to Monday, October 4.  Please remember to attach the writing rubric to your essay (see below for an extra copy).  Remember, as discussed in class, you can either write about Pocahontas or compare and contrast slavery (from Zinn's Voices Chapter 2) and servitude (Chapter 3).  Please be sure to write a persuasive, scholarly piece that demonstrates a thorough understanding of your chosen theme and is backed by the sources you use and cite.

The 13 Colonies Historioprady! Review

The 13 Colonies — History.com Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts
Writing Rubric for CISS Humanities & Social Science Courses, 2010-2011