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Contemporary Issues Essay #2 for First Quarter

The second Contemporary Issues Essay for the first quarter will be due Thursday, October 7, 2010.  Please follow and attach this writing rubric,Writing Rubric for CISS Humanities & Social Science Courses, 2010-2011, to the hard copy of your essay which is due at the beginning of class. 

Please choose from one of the four general topics listed below.  Each topic relates to one of the documentaries/films we've (partially) viewed in class.  The following questions are meant as loose prompts.  Please be sure to say something original through your writing.  Back up your view with research, and cite your sources, giving credit where credit is due.  Reflect, respond, and offer possible responses to contemporary issues through your writing.  And, of course, proofread!

*The King Flyp Reality.  What does the Marvin Ulises Martínez story teach us about the possibilities of fame and change via the Worldwide Web?

*Invisible Children. Just another documentary or a beacon of hope in Africa's longest running civil war?

*Sicko.  Entertaining, outrageous, or accurate?

*El Mar Adentro. Is it plausible for government to make "life and death" decisions?

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