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Looking at "Life & Death" Decisions and Ethics in the Health Care Debate: El Mar Adentro

"Mi cine no es un cine de respuestas sino de preguntas." ("My movies are not movies of answers but of questions.")--Alejandro Amenábar

El Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside or Out to Sea) is Alejandro Amenábar's 2004 film which explores the questions raised by the life and death of Ramón Sampedro, the man who battled in Spanish courts for the "right to end his life with dignity."  Sampedro endured 28 years as a quadriplegic after suffering a diving accident at age 25.  The film (trailer below) addresses questions central to our health care debate and examines the roles and the decisions of the government, of caregivers, and of private individuals.  Visit the official site for Spain for the film here or the official site for the US hereEl Mar Adentro is the winner of numerous international film prizes including a 2004 Oscar and a 2004 Golden Globe for "Best Foreign Film" as well as 14 Goya Awards (highest prize in Spain for good film) among others.

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