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The Minimum Wage Predicament: A Difficult Debate

On Monday, we'll hold our first class debate, " The Minimum Wage Predicament."  Tomorrow we'll look at a documentary on workers in China, while Monday we'll discuss the situation in Central America.  To give us a framework, work with a partner to find the following. . .

Not sure where to start?  Try searching the websites of The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the CIA World Sourcebook, particular country's ministries (i.e. Ministerio  de Trabajo, Ministerio de Hacienda, the Internal Revenue Service, etc.).  You can also check the "News" tab at the right under "Scholar Resources."

*What is the federal minimum wage AND unemployment rate in the US?  China? Canada? England? Germany?  El Salvador?  Nicaragua?  Mexico?  Honduras?  Costa Rica? Guatemala?  Have rates or wages changed significantly in recent times. You may choose to organize your answers in a chart.  Be sure to cite sources! 

*Read the following articles. . . (they're quick reads!!!). . . .
"Robots Don't Complain or Die" from The Economist
"Wage Law Squeezes out South Africa's Poor"  from The New York Times
"The Young and the Jobless" from The Wall Street Journal
"In India, Maids Need Protection and Respect" from The New York Times
"Asia-Pacific Governments Play Catch Up on Minimum Wage" from The New York Times

*Below your chart list at least 10 bullet points in FAVOR of raising minimum wage and at least 10 bullet poins AGAINST raising minimum wage in CENTRAL AMERICA.  Consider the point of view of businessmen/women, farm workers, fast food workers, professionals (lawyers, doctors, teachers), tourists, etc.  Consider the prospective of local Salvadorans and foreigners looking to invest in the country.