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Economics Essay Option #4: Due Friday, October 14, 2011

Here you can watch some of the clips we are seeing and discussing in class this week:

CBS Video Clip on Greek Economic Crisis

New York Times Clip on Occupy Wall Street Movement

For this week's essay, begin by reviewing the above video clips seen in class.  Once you have a general idea of some of the various hypothesis/reasons for the national and global "economic crisis" post  2007, (think housing market, banks, jobs, investors, bailouts, globalization, currency changes, trade agreements, etc.), choose one of the 2 following options to construct a 1-2 page essay (Times New Roman, size 12 font, standard 1" margins, double spaced).  Check your writing carefully.  Be sure to organize your ideas around a strong central argument.  Use concrete facts and cite specific source (where you found your information) in your writing to prove your point.  The two options are as follows. . .

#1 Notorious for becoming a movement without a famed--or even known--founder, the US's "Arab Spring," as it has been called, began on September 17 of this year with "Occupy Wall Street."  Over the past month the movement has spread to other cities across the US and to numerous other countries including Germany, New Zealand, and Mexico.  Write an essay in which you comment on the general background/reasons for the "Occupy" movement.  Then, chose a particular city where the movement has spread (Sydney, Berlin, Boston, Chapel Hill, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, etc.) and comment on/explain how/why the movement has developed in that city.  The Facebook page Occupy Wall Street (click here)  as well as a site started by two web designers unable to travel to New York, Occupy Together (click here), both provide links to many other sites for further information.  Finally, from your "economist perspective," argue whether or not you feel the Occupy Movement is effective.  If you believe it is effective, explain why.  If you believe it's not, suggest what you think should be done.  Keep in mind that in the first several weeks most people in mainstream media ignored the movement.  In the past week however, many high profile figures including President Obama and numerous Congressman as well as presidential candidates and Fortune 500 CEO's have spoken publicly about the movement.  Is this relevant?

#2  While the "Occupy Movement" began in the US, people in Greece have been publicly marching and holding demonstrations since early 2010 when the Greek economy began to collapse.  Research the reasons behind the Greek economic crisis of the past two years.  Write an essay in which you comment on the causes and effects of the Greek economic crisis.  Who is responsible for the collapse?  Who has been/is effected?  What possible solutions can be found?  What risks lay ahead?