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Chapter 10: Government Spending

As we read, study, and discuss Chapter 10: Government Spending, we'll also view a variety of film clips in class and explores some current events outlined in local newspapers.  Below, you can watch previews or the entire film.  You can also visit the films' websites, included below as well.  As you read and watch try to discern the following for yourself:

*What ethical guidelines ought to influence political, governmental, and business decisions when it comes to lending and borrowing?
*How do case studies in one country relate to current events in other countries?  What prerequisites exist?  For example, how do historical cases of "odious debt" in Mexico, Iraq, or Ecuador relate to the current situation in Uganda or Greece?
*Is debt necessarily bad when an economy (such as the US or UK) can simply produce more cash by modifying monetary policy?
*Is the EU's goal to curb national debt feasible?
*Can economies of different scales, say Greece and Germany, compete?
*What is necessary for socialist economic structures in Canada, Europe, and Latin America to work (when it comes to balancing government budgets)?
*Should G-8 countries forgive African and Asian debts?  Why or why not?
*Should developed countries governments' bailout developed countries' corporations?
*On a micro level, how does debt lead one into or out of poverty?
*What other economic models could lead to innovative solutions to curbing debt?

*****************To view the Debtocracy website, click here.

*****************To view the I.O.U.S.A. website, click here.

*****************To view The Constant Gardener website, click here.

****************To view the Blood Diamonds website, click here.

**************** To view the One campaign website, click here.

****************To view Muhamad Yunus: Banker of the Poor website, click here.

****************To read an current events article about El Salvador's current debate to borrow $250 million from the InterAmerican Development Bank, click here.