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Grammar Rules Punctuation Project

Here's the content you'll want to cover using your Elements of Writing text:

*Chp. 24 p. 739 "End Marks & Commas"
*Chp. 25 p. 768 "Semicolons & Colons"
*Chp. 26 p. 787 "Italics & Quotation Marks"
*Chp. 27 p. 805 "Apostrophes"
*Chp. 28 p. 824 "Hyphes, Dashes, & Parentheses"

Here's the process (worth a test grade):

*Friday, April 13 and Monday, April 16th: materials to work, 25%
*Tuesday, April 17: list of 25 rules & examples you'll use, 25%
*Wednesday, April 18: detailed outline or paragraph(s) explaining the option you've chosen and how you will go about completing your project, ALL the specifics, 25%
*Tuesday, April 24: rough draft of your project, 25%
*Monday, April 30, final project due (worth two test grades)
*Friday, May 4, test on punctuation rules

Options for project (choose one of the following):

*children's book
*comic strip
*short film (option may be done individually or in groups of 2 or 3; grade is individual)
*website (using only Blogger or Wordpress)