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Economics Essay Option #1: Due Friday, September 2, 2011

The first essay option for this quarter is due at the start of class on Friday, September 2.  Be sure your work is original (your own!), typed, 1-2 pages double-spaced, size 12, Times New Roman font.  This ensures that readers can focus on the content of your writing (as opposed to merely its "look").  Be creative, cite sources that prove you've researched and thought-out your topic, and proofread. :) You may chose either ONE of the topics below.

Topic A - Santa's Workshop
Identify what you see as the main issue/problem in Santa's Workshop (see previous post for added information).  Once you've identified the problem, decide which group/groups are responsible. . . the government, the factory owner's, the laborers, the foreign corporations who import the goods, or the average consumers who buy these products?  What if anything can be done?  Finally, how does this relate to the debate for Monday on minimum wage?

Topic B - The Minimum Wage Dilemma in El Salvador (or the country of your choice)
 Using El Salvador (or the country of your choice) as a case study, discuss the dilemma of minimum wage.  Be sure to include accurate data (citing sources) on current and past minimum wage rates, unemployment, and other economic indicators to help prove your position on the issue as to whether the minimum wage should remain the same or be change (increased or decreased).  Be sure to consider as well, who would be benefited most from your position (foreign corporations, government, professionals, business owners, factory/farm workers, teens, etc.) as well as the opportunity cost and tradeoffs those hurt by your position would have to face.  Defend your position clearly and persuasively.